Company Profile:

Inspired and guided by the principles and ideals of the MAGDALO group, DELTAMIKE SECURITY Inc. is created and managed by the same group of military officers and men from the Armed Forces of the Philippines who stood against corruption and sponsored an advocacy for the promotion of good governance in the country.

DELTMIKE SECURITY Inc. is a duly licensed Private Security Agency (PSA) with Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration # CS201013205. The agency is guided by the Implementing Rules and Regulation of the Republic Act 5487 (as amended), and is an accredited member of the Philippine Association of Detectives and Private Agency Operators (PADPAO).

Situated within Quezon City, the main office is easily accessible especially for NCR clients. Amoranto Sports Complex will serve as the prominent area/structure in locating the main office of the agency, an easy landmark for those who are unfamiliar with Quezon City area. The exact office address is #86 Scout Ojeda, Quezon City.