The Security Provider 

Inspired and guided by the principles and ideals of the MAGDALO group, DELTAMIKE SECURITY Inc. is created and managed by the same group of military officers and men from the Armed Forces of the Philippines who stood against corruption and sponsored an advocacy for the promotion of good governance in the country. more

Our Mission

To provide quality and comprehensive SECURITY SERVICES, ensuring its clientele the safety and security condition deemed essentially related in order to have a smooth operation for accomplishing their own task or mission.

Core Values

DELTAMIKE SECURITY Inc. is a SECURITY PROVIDER that embodies an entity that is bound by professionalism, service, loyalty, confidentiality, and integrity.

Contact Us

Deltamike Security, Inc
86 Scout Ojeda, Barangay Obrero,
Quezon City, 1103 Philippines
Phone      (+632) 709.5436
Fax           (+632) 709.5434